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Image by Aydin Hassan


In order to make a difference in the world you need to have the right purpose, the right people, and the right plan. We believe Wellspring Victory Church has all three! For over 17 years together we have passionately pursued a vision to reach every available person, by every available means, at every available time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To teach and train believers to walk in victory in every area of their lives, and to equip them with the armour of God to go forward and make disciples themselves. To work together with a common purpose within our communities bringing those who are lost into a life with Jesus Christ. This was the right purpose in the beginning and it’s still the right purpose! And we also have the right people.


God has brought together an amazing family of believers who share the same heartbeat, the same passion, and the same vision. And we have the right forward plan! That’s because it’s a biblical plan to reach people with the Gospel, disciple them in a safe and loving environment, grow and mould new leaders to lead the way, and to keep reaching out for the ‘regions beyond’ until Jesus comes!


There is a place for YOU in Victory too!

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