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and Missions

Our mission field is not just local residents but an abundance of tourists visiting our region every year. Many of them arrive in search of fun in the sun, seeking paradise, to escape from dysfunctional situations back home. Unfortunately, they soon discover that the problems they thought they had left behind came with them! We can personally testify to the struggles and pain many have gone through. Here, as in any other country, people face problems and challenges and as a Church, we are ready and eager to come along side and support.

At Wellspring, we have a passion and a duty to Love God and to Love People. We take our calling seriously and believe that the love of Christ has total power to transform lives. We work together to teach, train, grow and equip God's children to go beyond the walls of the Church and to build relationships with people in the community. As we step into the lives of broken people, we come alongside them, and show God's love.

We will see our communities set free and won for Christ.

We make no judgement on, and bear no prejudice based on peoples background or their current lifestyle. All will be welcome and accepted, and be able to gain a sense of belonging when they walk through the door.

Wellspring Victory Church is in the heart of a vast community and there is a real need for people to come to know the Lord and to find a freedom from the things that bind them. Our work does not just happen on a Sunday morning there is a much bigger picture and a much wider community being influenced by the work we do both near and far.

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Community Connections

We encourage our members to come alongside others, to share their faith and testimony with those outside the church. By being in the heart of our communities, we have the great advantage of being involved in community activities and events. By integrating and sharing life with those who do not know Jesus, we are able to show them what it is like to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Our local streets are a great place for meetings and mission. And we have an obligation to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.


Funerals, Memorials, Baptisms and blessings

These are all part of our Pastoral role, and our Pastors are available to conduct local funerals and memorial services. These sad situations allow for doors to be opened to grieving families and for us to show the love of Jesus by comforting, supporting, and sharing testimony of how God can move in the most tragic of circumstances.  Dedications, baptisms and wedding blessings give us the opportunity to open doors and build relationships on a much lighter note with those in our communities.

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Discipleship courses

We run various discipleship courses throughout the year. One such course is the Alpha Course where we invite people outwith the Church, alongside a few and Church members to come along together. This allows them to explore for themselves what the Christian life is all about in a less formal environment.


Hospital and Home visits

Visiting people at home or in the hospital is very much a part of our DNA. We feel it’s important that those who are not able to socialise outside of their environment are not left without fellowship. If you have a loved one that needs our support, we will be glad to come alongside and share the love of God and assist in any way we can. Please get in touch via the contact us page.

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Wellspring wanderers

This is a community outreach where we welcome Christians and non-Christians to come along and join us on a walk, reaching out into our local communities to share in a communal activity. We can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, get some exercise, and breathe God's air in our lungs whilst sharing fellowship and God’s love with one another. We meet for breakfast or have lunch together to make it an all-round enjoyable day for all.


Donating to local food bank

We have a heart for those in need and we support our local food banks with the amazing work they are doing. One such initiative is run by members of our congregation supporting the community in which they live. They saw a need and acted upon it showing Gods love and mercy to those less fortunate.


Missions abroad

We have various missions that we support abroad, and we update the church on a regular basis with the progress of ongoing projects and with new missions that we as a church are/ or could be involved with. Our ongoing and present mission work is the orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya, making regular donations for specific items needed by the children. Most recently it was for shoes and books. We support a mission in Pakistan to help supply bibles and support families in need. We believe the mission field is much further afield than our immediate local and we have a heart for helping when we can in whatever way we can.

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